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There are some sales mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs, or it could end up costing you a sale or a client as entrepreneur.
Fortunately, you can often expedite your journey by identifying common missteps made by other sellers, learning from them, and avoiding similar mistakes as you construct your strategies and processes.

Too Many Meetings/Calls with Prospects within Short Space of Time

Your client’s time is valuable. They are busy. Unnecessary and long, drawn-out meetings will not be viewed favourably.
Have too many of them and your client may not be so willing to meet with you in the future.
Set a time, communicate your purpose, and avoid wasting a client’s time.

Bad-Mouthing the Competitor

Comparing your company or its solutions to competing offerings is not uncommon. Perhaps you use a comparison chart to illustrate key features you have (or ones your rivals lack).
The buyer is looking for reasons to buy from you, and not arguments against buying from someone else.

Losing the Control of the Sales Process to Prospect

The best way to maintain control of the sale from the very start is to make sure that you're asking the right questions.
How? - Trying to sell to anyone who will listen is not an effective sales strategy.
Quality questions that will provide you with quality answers from the person you are selling to, is the key to sales strategy.
Qualifying leads not only tells you if a prospect is interested, but it also helps you learn more about them, their specific needs, which products and services are best suited to help them, who has buying authority, and their budget.

You are Talking Too Much Instead of Listening

As sales person you presume that you know what the prospect wants, or that you have a budget for their particular solution.
Talk about your customers’ needs, understand their pain points, and learn about their product/service objectives.
Once you understand this information, then you can start to sell them on your products/services.

In sales remember the golden rule of you have two ears and one mouth, and therefore you should listen twice as much as you talk.

You Make Promises Your Company Can't Keep

While you want to say yes to keep a customer interested and keep them happy, it’s more important to be honest with them.
Nobody wants to be cheated. Nobody wants to spend money based on lies they were told by the sales representative they purchased from.
Avoid over-promising and under-delivering. You will create unhappy customers by setting unrealistic expectations.

You Argue With Your Prospect or Client

When your client knows what they want, just listen to them and agree with them. If you argue with your client, they will almost certainly not buy from you and buy from one of your competitors.
If you disagree with what they have to say, keep silent or say that you hear them, something like “I can see where you’re coming from".
Again, ask questions to clarify their position, paraphrase their statements, but never ever argue.

Make Something-Up When You Don't Know the Answer to Their Question

The worst thing you can do if you are asked a question that you don't know the answer to is to make something up.
Be sure you’re fully aware of your product capabilities and dive into former customer testimonials to make sure you’re not promising anything you can’t deliver on.
It’s better to exceed expectations rather falling short.
Even better, there is no shame saying I will find out more about that specific question and yes indeed do find out and inform the client or prospect.

Failing to Ask for the Sale - You Don't "Close"

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is they don't ask their prospect to buy, known as "closing”.
Educating your customers or prospects about your market offerings is part of your job, equally so – Closing the Deal is your job too.
Instead, don’t just hope the prospect will magically tell you they are ready to buy, closing the sales!

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