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Do you want to start a side hustle but are limited on time and space? Give drop-shipping a try!

Dropshipping is a process of product fulfillment that occurs directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the customer when the order is placed on a third-party’s website or over the phone, circumventing the traditional retail supply chain.

Dropshipping is a modern online business model that requires very little initial investment.
But how does dropshipping work, and why should you go for this model to realize your entrepreneurial dream?

When an order is placed through your website, it is immediately routed to your manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler to be packed and shipped, removing the most expensive component of the traditional brick and mortar business model.

The products are then shipped directly to the consumer.
This way, the seller(you) doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

Drop-shipping suppliers are in charge of keeping inventory, boxing, and shipping whatever product you’d like to sell, and you just have to worry about customer service and communication.

For best results, pick a niche market product and thrive.
Sure, since you don’t have to manage or store your own inventory, the overhead is low — but so are the returns.

Start Your Own Private Wine Label 

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What is a private label wine? A wine brand sourced from a wine manufacture for use or sell exclusively via one channel.

Private label wine gives you the opportunity to create your own label, name, and branding to help you develop a unique product for your market that no one else has access to.

Creating a private label means you can concentrate on branding, marketing, and selling your own wine, without having to go through the lengthy (and expensive) hassle of producing your own wine.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own wine label, it’s likely that you never thought you could without having to manage your own full-fledged vineyard? Think again!

The days of growing, fermenting, and even bottling your own wine are long gone, and several innovative private wine label companies have popped up.

Many first-time business owners might assume that you have to own your own winery to start a wine company, but that is not the case for many new labels.

Private label wines are becoming an increasingly popular segment of the wine market, and for good reason: launching your own private label wine can boost revenue, increase profit margins, help you create a unique brand identity that sets you apart from the competition, and help you to launch your entrepreneurial journey.

Depending on your level of comfort and experience with winemaking, you may consider making the wine yourself or the next step in creating your own wine label is to find a winery partner, who exactly makes the wine.

Winemaking is said to be both an art and a science. Because of that, much of winemaking can be attributed to a feel, and other parts can be thought of as simple science know-how.

How it works? find a winery partner:
For the wine, determine the quantity, the type and style, and the bottle and label you want.

Cost depends on the quantity, the wine, the bottle size and style and the label. Delivery costs are additional.

Design & Sell T-Shirts Online 

Source: Merch-Amazon

Do you have brand or an eye for appealing design work?

Put it to good use by creating t-shirt designs and using a platform like Merch by Amazon to handle the production, shipping, and customer service.

Merch by Amazon is an on-demand t-shirt printing service. It allows sellers to create and list t-shirt designs on Amazon for free. Simply, upload your design, choose colours and set a price — then let Amazon will take care of the rest.

To be successful and standout from the rest you will need the basic business model where you do research, of what people are actually searching for on Amazon, and then create a winning t-shirt designs that people will want to order from you.

Once you’ve created your design, uploaded it through the Merch back office, and get the approval from Amazon for the design, your design goes live.

The product page is like any other product page on Amazon. It shows the title of the shirt, an image of the shirt, the sizes and colours it comes in, who created it and of course the Add to Cart button. As with any other product page, there are also reviews by people that have bought the product.

When customers order your t-shirt, Amazon does all the sourcing of raw materials to create the shirt and the actual fulfillment to the customer.

Amazon Merch is much more hands-off than that, and Merch creators have no limit to the number of t-shirts they’d like to sell. But there’s also a caveat – the amount of Amazon t-shirt designs you can upload and sell depends on which Tier you’re on.

For all new accounts, you’ll start with Tier 10 and can only sell up to 10 t-shirts a month.

Create and Sell Online Courses 

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The growing knowledge economy, where information is power, has also increased demand for online courses! It is without a doubt a booming market worldwide.

The online method of learning is best suited for everyone.
This digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared.
Online courses can be taken up by anyone, at the time that suits them.

Do you have a special skill set or a hobby that you love?

Creating an online course and selling it for a specific fee can be a good way for you to start something new and make money.
Why not share it while making some extra cash?

You can get started by figuring out what you are good at, or it can also be a hobby that you are passionate about.

If you have some specific topic-related knowledge, you can design and sell various online courses.
These courses can help generate recurring income without any additional effort from your end.

E.g. Real Estate Knowledge - you can create content with step-by-step processes on how to your industry specific knowledge can help your audience in their A-Z real estate investments.

There is more you can teach and share:
Want to teach people how to play chess? Create a course.
How to pair the right cheese with the right wine? Create a course.
How to manage social media addiction? Create a course.

There are many online tutorials that you can check on how to create practical online courses and how to segregate the content into modules and logical sections.

Below are some well recognised online platforms that allow you to host your courses and this helps ensure that it gets a broader reach.

The 5 Best Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses

Udemy - for launching your first course
Skillshare - for teaching creative skills
Teachable - for marketing your course
Podia - for putting up a digital storefront
Thinkific - for building a course from scratch

Your side hustle can help you make some extra money each month. But it can also help you develop new skills, build your personal brand or portfolio, and achieve more freedom.

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