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What Is Smart Home Technology?

Source: August Home

Smart Home Technology refers to Home Automation, the use of technology to automate your home. Home automation allows you to control almost every aspect of your home through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart Home Technology started with the invention of the Thermostat and has developed into one of the biggest markets in technology sector.

Smart home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from smart home apps, smartphones, or other networked devices.
Users can remotely control connected home systems whether they are home or away.
This allows for more efficient energy and electric use as well as ensuring your home is secure.
Smart home technology contributes to health and well-being enhancement by accommodating people with special needs, especially older people.

Source: August Home

There are many smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights, temperature, appliances, and entertainment systems to locks and home security devices.

While the smart home offers convenience and cost savings, there are still challenges. Security risks and bugs continue to plague makers and users of the technology. Hackers, for example, can gain access to a smart home's internet-enabled appliances and invade your privacy.

The smart home investment is a very appealing one – more information, more control, and more automation of your home let you make better decisions and optimize how you use your limited resources.

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