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Autonomous Retail Technology

Source: Amazon Go

Autonomous checkout is disrupting retail and creating a seamless, frictionless payment experience, but it’s also about something much bigger.
Will Autonomous Retail Technology be the next trend in retail?

What is autonomous retail technology? - is a physical store that acts as an online store, here there is no need for cashier or presence of humans to checkout and bill your products.
In such autonomous retail environment, there will be no one to bill you; you get what you want and get going.

Among the greatest retailer concerns today is improving the customer experience. The two biggest shopper’s complaints, long checkout queues, poor customer service and time wastage.

This retail environment uses deep learning technologies which allow shoppers to pay without a checkout counter. Users have to press the check-in button on mobile app as soon as they enter the store.
It will deduct the money after purchase and sends purchase receipt via email or other mode of communication.

The retailer uses AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Sensor Flow to bring a check-out free experience to shoppers.

Source: Amazon Go

Amazon is in the forefront of the disruptive practice with its own AI/ML enabled store Amazon Go, where you just walk into an Amazon Go store, pick the items you want to buy and walk out and a bill is automatically sent to your Amazon account.

Many stores today utilise footfall sensors, shelf sensors, RFID sensors, CCTV cameras, and other types of sensors – all which can be utilised to feed into an AI system.

The current retail technologies can be used in combination with AI technology and sensors to improve backend logistics and operations or simply improve security and reduce shoplifting.

Once the autonomous retail technology has reached it’s best level: At the far end of the scale, which are fully autonomous stores level where there is almost no need for a human you can anticipate new shopping experience altogether

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