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Smart Fitness Technology

Source: HYFIT

Today more and more people consider health to be one of the main values of life.

The rise in fitness consciousness and increase in the level of health awareness, coupled by fitness technology development (wearables, sensors, connected gym equipment, etc.) has sparked a smart fitness revolution.

Smart technology, which create the ability to connect the machines with a smartphone or a wearable, continues to influence our daily routines, the innovation has trickled into the at-home workout space.

Today, you don’t need to go to the gym to reap the benefits of a motivating personal trainer. Smart home tech has allowed for the experience of a one-on-one, focused session with a professional trainer, right in the comfort of your home. The virtual personal trainer can offer you the same physical presence experience with less variation.

Source: Tonal

The notable technology trend is Smart gym equipment that is connected to internet of things such as an app that records your workouts and displays the data about workouts.

Smart gym equipment takes advantage of IoT and makes use of stored data, such as workout goals, health history, and nutritional habits to create personalised exercise plans and track how you’re doing in the gym.

Such technology makes the process of doing sports more interesting and entertaining, lets a user have access to their data in one place and track their records looking at the past experience.

Smart technology has become an inevitable part of our lives and is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

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